Where can I get in touch?

Look for us on the /k/ patch thread; our tripcode is AnimeTobaccoFirearms !hp9oIfEots. We also have a Facebook page (located in the footer of our site). For immediate contact, please email Josh at Zeldaboy64@gmail.com.

When do I receive my order?

Orders are shipped as soon as possible after being received and processed. Please allow 3-7 days for shipping in the USA and 7-15 days for international shipping.

Do you do custom patches, stickers, etc?

Due to set up costs and such we only run patches we can recoup the costs on, and we don’t have access to the machinery needed to do manufacturing ourselves.

When is new inventory dropped? When will this item be back in stock?

We don’t follow a schedule with our inventory. New items can be expected to be in the store within a month of them being designed and polled, and we try to do a couple of items per month. Restocks may or may not happen, depending on the item’s popularity; expect a month or two of wait time if we decide it’ll be worth restocking.

What is your refund policy?

We generally don’t accept refunds unless an item was delivered to you damaged and we are out of stock for replacements. Email Josh at Zeldaboy64@gmail.com if you need one, and we’ll see what we can do.